Redefining justice for everyone

Organization: Rape Crisis Cape Town Trust

Priority Area: Violence against women

Country: South Africa

The Rape Crisis Cape Town Trust is an organisation that works to answer the question: What does it mean to truly seek justice for victims of sexual assault and abuse? What does this justice look like and who does it centre?  Their work pushes the state to act on its commitment to survivors of Sexual offences in South Africa. Their social media campaigns and community mobilisation activities have helped bring awareness to their cause and encouraged commitment from various community members.

The programme run by Rape Crisis Cape Town Trust worked to:

  • Ensure that sexual offence courts are set up all across South Africa. They work to keep the South African Government accountable to fulfilling its promise to roll out sexual offences courts across the country to provide specialised services, personnel and infrastructure to survivors of sexual offences.

  • Better advocate for the institutionalisation of these court systems that would provide support across board for all survivors of sexual violence, as well as hold authorities accountable for fulfilling all the mandates of the specialised courts

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At Rape Crisis we believe that if we can sensitively and intelligently support rape survivors in court then they are better able to testify at rape trials, as are other witnesses. This leads to improved conviction rates and challenges the culture of impunity for rapists.
— Kathleen Dey, Rape Crisis Cape Town Trust